Where to buy coffee beans, buy tea in Yekaterinburg? To buy Cuban cigars or tobacco delivery? Certainly in online store Plantation!

15 november 2016, 00:04

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On Cuba the Island of Freedom the dream of a sailor. At the mention of this island in mind invariably appears bright associative array. Here Fidel, the hero of the Soviet Union with a thick Cuban cigar in his mouth that's always beautiful Cuban women here as bright as the sun Cuban rum. But another undeniable character of the Cuban which did not immediately remember it of course coffee. And although Cuba is not the first place for coffee exports in this country the cultivation of coffee plantations is given special attention. The coffee tree in Cuba as a guest in many other Caribbean countries. When the Spanish owned Cuba they came up with the brilliant idea of growing on the island coffee plantations. No sooner said than done and as the legend in the eighteenth century the coffee tree arrived in Cuba from Brazil on the ship French traveler Gabriel de Claa. And poor Gabriel got on his ship in a terrible storm lost myself experiencing shortage of drinking water still retained the precious seedlings. Coffee hero de Glue gave the island of Cuba the beautiful coffee aroma and noble drink was so pleased with the Cubans which immediately became one of the symbols of the island along with cigars and rum adding a picture of a sultry Cuban evening. Even today, Cuban coffee cash del café where you can enjoy its sultry taste to the sounds of Cuban rhythms in Havana is located directly adjacent to the store right Cuban rum. Cuba supplies the world market more than 20 varieties of Arabica. Most of them are included in the export brand of the Qubit, however, have the division by grades the most famous of which Maragogype is known among gourmets for its fortress and rich aroma. Cuban coffee has absorbed the tropical air of the Gulf of Mexico and the Cuban sun and now he will deliver the spirit of Freedom directly into your kitchen. So having drunk it, you may want to say Viva la

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