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Other videos UkraineПоиск OSRAM OSRAM Automotive Automotive Ukraine 8 months ago The flagship model DRL Osram LEDDRL102 the most expensive model in the lineup. Premium product has the best features in the class of the daytime running lights. In this model, for the first time in the global market in the design of the DRL was used, not the individual LEDs in the chain and special guide. This design in the form of swethapavana prism reflector provides the wide viewing angle. Working temperatures model Osram DRL incredible 102 - IP69 Glass is very strong and resistant to shock and vibration. Another innovation of the 102nd models from Osram should be considered Hortensia membrane. This is a special material that allows water to pass through in one direction only - outward. Therefore, the inside of the appliance always dry. The fasteners are made of sturdy materials they are certified as OE quality. In LEDDRL102 from Osram improved the algorithm of the control unit lamps. In the wiring diagram and added one trigger wire is connected to the power supply circuit of ignition. This additional plus solves the problems of the so-called interference. A new variant of the switching control unit allows a 100% but avoid the blinking lights. And the control unit LEDDRL102 used additional ceramic and electrolytic capacitors because of them, the working temperature of the unit increased from 80 C to 90 C which is important for the underhood location of the unit. Brightness Osram LEDDRL102 the maximum allowed by EU rules - 1500 cd and the color temperature is 6000K. 102-I model has an original function of the Parking light ie night glow DRL becomes smaller by 50%. LEDDRL102 is the most expensive model. But Osram rightly believes that thanks to its trendy characteristics, this model will be the flagship of this segment of the market OSRAM Polska 3 years ago Instrukcja montażu świateł dziennych może także posłużyć użytkownikom produktu który jest następcą wycofanych świateł Lightday. Lampy By LG charakteryzuje atrakcyjny design i jednolita linia świetlna bez punktów widocznych pojedynczych świetlnych. OSRAM UK 4 years ago OSRAM LED LIGHTDAY is suitable for DRL Daytime Running Light and Side Light also know as position light applications. This DRL is unique as it uses a 'light guide' meaning that you do not get that LED dotted diode effect that you see with most DRLs on the market.This light guide technology creates a homogenous light effect. The use of DRLs can help the visibility of cars and thus improve road safety during daylight hours. VILAGITAS.EU fényforrás webáruház 4 years ago Az Osram LIGHTDAY nappali menetfény beépítési videója magyar nyelvű. OSRAM Automotive Ukraine 1 year ago LEDambient from Osram is the system of individual tuning of the car's interior. The light in the car is the creation of the inner world and individuality. Therefore the original and exclusive idea of the wireless systems Osram LEDambient will appeal to enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty, convenience and quality. One of the main advantages of this system is that the lamps operate on lithium modern

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