The led lamp and 2x OSRAM LED W5W, 501, T10 WARM WHITE BMW 1 (F20) 118 d 12.10-: eBay, UK

27 november 2016, 15:56

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If the product does not suit You or is not as described You may return it by paying the cost of returning the goods. The estimated date of receipt of the order in your city 9 Dec. - 29 Dec. Osram LED Retrofit W5W 501 T10 Bulb. Passenger car lighting-essential and ground breaking. Reliable lighting on a car is essential for a safe journey. Modern light solutions provide an optimally lit driving area and permit even faster recognition of signs obstacles and hazards. Improved brightness values also improves your driving experience. It is easier on your eyes the risk of fatigue is reduced and each destination can be reached safely. OSRAM is the world leader in lamps for passenger cars and can provide you with a comprehensive product range. LEDs inside the vehicle a trend that is hard to miss. Up to now, interior lighting has often been underestimated and the latest trend now is ambience. Light that is tailored to the drivers needs. Modern eye-catching and refreshing. Harmonious, pleasant and convenient. Anyone male female young or old - can use LEDs to stamp their own personality on their vehicle. Warm white light at 4000 kelvin without changing constantly blowing conventional filament bulbs. Lower power consumption and more style with the LEDs. No wonder drivers are enthusiastic. Interior details look fresher. Dark leather seats appear in a new light and the dashboard becomes a high-tech element. Even footwells can be bright and colourful with LED lighting. PRODUCT BENEFITS SPECIFICATION These bulbs are rated at 4000 Kelvin LED Retrofits Osram Informations Source Official website Always check for correct fitment before ordering please see below How do I find the correct type of bulb for my vehicle The best way to ensure correct fitment is to take the time to check what bulbs are currently fitted to your vehicle or consult your vehicles handbook. If access to the bulb covers is however difficult or in some cases impossible without taking the bumper off we recommend using OSRAM''s Online Automotive Bulb Tool. NEW Now find the correct lamps for car interior lighting As the world market leader in automotive lamps, OSRAM offers a wide range of products. In OSRAMs portfolio you will find the standard lamps of the ORIGINAL LINE as well as the innovative product families for more light, service life and and a stylish appearance - all in original spare part quality. So why choose an OE manufactured bulb from OSRAM Why choose Driven 2 Automotive Payment by Card No problem - Just select Paypal as method of payment. You do not need a Paypal account to pay by credit or debit card Forms of Payment Shipping Details Return Policy Click here Trade Quantity Discounts Available - Email Us Content © Driven 2 Automotive 2013, All Rights Reserved All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners of which Driven 2 Automotive have full authorised permission to use. 2x OSRAM LED W5W 501 T10 WARM WHITE BMW 1 F20 118 d 12.10 - can buy delivery of SUPER FAST DELIVERY - BEST FEEDBACK GB. All products from category of Lamp and the led quickly and delivered on time in Russia and the CIS countries. Full details about the delivery, see section delivery. The products of the category Lamp and the led operates affordable price so 2x OSRAM LED W5W 501 T10 WARM WHITE BMW 1 F20 118 d 12.10- to purchase for only 1 259 RUB. Can't make a choice, View other products of the seller driven2automotive99831 To see all products. Have questions about the product conditions of payment or delivery Order callback Using our service you can order 2x OSRAM LED W5W 501 T10 WARM WHITE BMW 1 F20 118 d 12.10 - auction on eBay very low price You pay the selected lots from the personal account in our system. The funding methods cash credit card VISA MasterCard WebMoney Yandex.Money. After payment the products are delivered to our warehouses in the US Germany the UK China or Japan depending on the country in which

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