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The calculation of led lighting is the first thing a consumer in the modernization of lighting equipment either during the design of the lighting of the new object. With proper and accurate calculation of lighting You get

Lighting calculation for our customers we do for free. To do this You need to send the application in which you want to specify options or objectpresent street and regulatory requirements for lighting.

The result of the calculation will be the number and coordinates of the placement of led luminaires, the distribution of standardized lighting parameters brightness illumination ratio blinding, etc. power consumption. As a rule, our specialists offer several options. Including for comparison calculate You have installed the fixtures you want sementelli any. Based on these data, it is possible to calculate energy savings. If You provide the cost of servicing the old luminaires the replacement of landreclamation work to replace disposal, etc. then we can calculate the exact payback period when switching on our lamps and to create a proper feasibility study.

All lighting calculations doing professional engineers-lighting in accordance with required rules and regulations MGSN SNiP, PUE, etc.. We have completed many lighting projects for industrial plants workshops, plant the mine street Parking lots highway interchanges conference rooms and office centres, hypermarkets and supermarkets, utilities etc.

The representatives of our clients as a rule are highly skilled specialists with higher technical education. For them it is not difficult to independently calculate the light for example in DiaLuxиспользуя library our lamps or other specialized programs. In such cases, we still offer our calculation to verify the correctness of the result.

When calculating the lighting must consider many nuances. Some of the highlights at first glance may seem insignificant but in reality to exert a strong influence on the result.

For example, when calculating светодиодногоLED lighting on our lamps, it is important to consider that the lamps do not have a stroboscopic effect. Ie the light comes continuously and not by pulses 100 times per second like a fluorescent or hid lamps. Ripple coefficient must be taken into account when calculating the light that would not put extra lights and not get uncomfortable bright light and required Standards of illumination, the Russian Federation.

It should also be remembered about the nature of decorative coatings interior sources of natural light coating stenoleptura to take into account the colour rendering index and contrast lighting fixtures.

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