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Projects Goods and services Manufacturers Photo Video Press center Ads The companies rating Demand Offer Documents Article Exhibition Led and energy saving lamps and fixtures. Retail and wholesale. Online store. 15 stores in Moscow + stores in Kaluga, Tver and Vladimir is a Great choice. Reasonable prices.Online store lamps Svetanik offers a wide range of products for modern energy-efcient lighting energy-saving and led lamp lighting and spotlights. The products are designed for use in residential homes and apartments, office, industrial and other types of premises and also for illumination of architectural objects for different purposes.Details in stores Svetanik or the operator on the phone 495 943-19-64 Lamps Lamp halogen Lamp led Floodlights Ceiling lights House designs Wood house Brick house House of the blocks of a Frame house cast-house House made of sandwich panels ▪ 161A 167.8 3 3 ─ Scandinavia is a modern cottage with a comfortable layout ▪ Sof 123 2 1 ─ 10х11 house from a bar ▪ Vladislav 149 3 2 ─ 1.5 storey house ▪ Leon 125 3 2 ─ Home from a bar ▪ Svetlograd 178 3 2 ─ A house made of timber with a hipped

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