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External power adapters

OOO Led Technology Ekaterinburg offers external power adapters for reliable and durable operation of the led devices to the mains supply which imposes high requirements stability of the input current. Possible fluctuations in the mains voltage and can bring the lamp down so as during the flow through the led current is greater than the threshold value, the led overheats and soon fails. That is why the key to successful application of led products is high-quality, up power system. The company is Led Technology presents a range of pulse power supply units the world's best manufacturers in the best way combining all the above features affordable price.
Switching power adapters meet standards of UL CUL TUV CE CB. Large selection for output power and output voltage. power adapters made in protective enclosure with natural or forced ventilation and are functionally complete device for use in sophisticated led devices. The power adapters have a built-in overload protection circuit over voltage overheating. All power units are production tested. Power sealed power supplies stable voltage which increases the service life of led products. Suitable for light bulbs and different devices. These power supplies can be used in high humidity conditions.

External power adapters

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