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Reviews about Long Life Light bulbs

High-brightness street lamps to buy

To buy in Moscow spotlight on the diodes

Directory of led products

Office ceiling lamps overhead led

04.10.2016 Pedestrian crossings of Kaliningrad will be equipped with LEDs in preparation for the 2018 world Cup

04.10.2016 In Moscow there are more than 500 thousand devices of the outdoor lighting
About this informed the head of the Department of fuel and energy capital Paul Livinsky. According to him in recent years, in Moscow there is the largest outdoor lighting system in the world.

04.10.2016 Government agencies were forbidden to buy fluorescent lights
From July 1 for state and municipal needs it is forbidden to buy fluorescent lamps that are found to be ineffective.

16.07.2014 The use of led lamps in the lighting Museum
Contemporary painting implies the existence of the paintings without a frame which requires illumination from different sides and angles. In this case, practical is to install a led strip.

16.07.2014 Installing led lighting in practice
Main fixtures today are in the majority are equipped with led lights. In many countries of the world have long shawls used for main road lighting led lamps.

16.07.2014 Lighting for the bath
Innovation in the lighting industry saunas. The latest innovation in the world of baths has become fiber. It's perfect for the extreme climate conditions of the sauna.

16.07.2014 Led ceiling lights at the gas station. Energy saving in action
Led ceiling light for gas station lighting will provide high quality and comfort will create a favorable atmosphere both for customers and for staff filling station.

16.07.2014 Selection of garden lighting
Let's see what street lighting there are and which of them will suit you. Not forgetting to mention their benefits and value for money.

16.07.2014 Lighting of Parking lots led street lamps
Lighting of Parking lots led street lamps can significantly reduce energy consumption LEDs have high energy efficiency almost all of the consumed energy is transferred into light.

16.07.2014 Of design on the trunk of your car
The factory adhesive on the led strip may not be enough for a good fixation. In this case, it may be traditional to add a glue Point.

16.07.2014 Browse led lights
Led lamps have huge energy-saving properties, therefore, essential for lighting of various industrial facilities.

16.07.2014 Design solution in the field of landscape lighting
Highlighting the eaves or balcony designs often use lamps that flare up quickly and do not create flicker. However, we must remember that such coverage is applicable only for illumination of buildings on a large scale.

16.07.2014 Features save when you use ceiling fixtures
Installation of various protective triggering and step-down voltage elements of the power grid. The large margin of power. The quality of food. The use of special tools and fixtures for Assembly.

16.07.2014 Illumination of trees
Led flood light is suitable in lighting of trees only for the period when the trees are covered with foliage. In winter, the whole effect is lost due to the dullness and emptiness in the form of trees.

16.07.2014 Application led ceiling lamps
Recessed ceiling led lights universal. These devices can also be used for installation in various suspended ceilings. They are perfectly suitable for replacing the classic blocks for fluorescent discharge lamps.

16.07.2014 Led technology
Initially, led lighting was used exclusively for informative purposes. For example, a pointer fire escape indicators of various appliances. However, the situation eventually changed in favor of LEDs.

16.07.2014 System kitchen lighting
The best option would be led lighting. Why this light source in Order to answer this question, consider the other options below you could evaluate the whole picture and to highlight the benefits of all types of lighting.

16.07.2014 Universal led lamps
Despite the many advantages of the versatile led fixtures there are factors preventing their expansion in the lighting market. The main reason at first glance is the relatively high price of led lamps.

16.07.2014 Dark or light pantry today it is not a question
Another advantage of the safety of using. Led bulb will not heat up to a dangerous temperature level in contrast to halogen lamps and incandescent lamps which reduces the risk of fire and damage to objects to a minimum.

16.07.2014 Decorative lighting in your living room
With the installation of led lighting products need to consider many factors. For example, the shape and size of your living room its specific features alcove or arch and columns at the exit to the corridor.

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