Led spotlight ST-182

23 december 2016, 00:08

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Led spotlight ST-182 Price 21455.00 RUB. The format of the +7 XXX XXX XX XX Kreoniks Kreonix Led spotlight ST-182 6903655153036 120W. 11000 LM. 65 baytala-white 112 In stock Need help with Contacts Leave A Review Category of Projectors for street lighting Led spotlights. Label Manufacturer Kreonix. Led spotlight ST-182 Product benefits Categories of goods popular with our customers due to the low cost and the large number of submitted items Our address: Moscow, Nagatinskaya nab. 422 Phone: 8 495 407-75-14E-mail infoveksd.ru Mode Mon Fri 0900 to 1800Выходные days Saturday - Sunday © 2016, OOO Vek LEDs Despite the fact that led lamps and fixtures are more expensive than fluorescent, they quickly pay for itself as you consume much less electricity. In addition to saving on energy bills another advantage of LEDs is lifespan. On average, such a lamp or light bulb will last for 30,000 hours. All lamps sold in the online store the Century of the LEDs are certified manufacturers which ensures high quality and absence of breakdowns. All lights are warranted. Instant inclusion in a wide temperature range does not require time to warm up compared to arc lamps and fluorescent lamps. Range of color temperatures podobrana the most optimal for the human eye. All lamps store Century Led laboratory tested correspond to GOST requirements and quality standards of the Customs Union. All lamps in the store Age of stroboscopic LEDs have minimal effect, less than 5% and conform to building codes and standards for lighting. For comparison, fluorescent lights have a pulsation factor of more than 50% which increases eye fatigue and reduces overall health of a person. The use of led lamps in schools, kindergartens and Universities reduces eyestrain and increases student performance. When using led lighting in the office reduces the fatigue of employees which is especially important for intense intellectual work with a PC. High lumen output, High luminous efficiency lamps and luminaires led provides maximum illumination of the required area while requiring fewer light sources. This can significantly save you money. The output of led lighting is superior to other types of luminaires and lamps. Least have light output of the bulbs with 5W power and it is with these lamps compare manufacturers of the fluorescent lamps your lamps and fixtures. In addition to the time parameter of the light output of a fluorescent lamp and

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