Led spotlight model PRS-50 is used for the external illumination of advertising designs, residential

13 december 2016, 19:29

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Led spotlight model PRS-50 is used for the external illumination of advertising designs residential and industrial buildings columns and monuments. Model PRS-50 consists of 20-35 LEDs with integrated switching power supply. The fixture can be mounted with bracket on the main body. Such a device can direct the flow of light at the required angle. Led flood lights are an indispensable tool in conditions of exterior decorative lighting and it's all thanks to the distinctive individual properties of LEDs.

We list only the most obvious advantages of the model PRS-50 but that is a longer term operation resistance to external conditions the possibility of led spotlights at different heights. The presented led floodlight PRS-50 is the most powerful of the series of PRS-10 20 35 50 which is produced by our company.

Model PRS-50 is a led projector which is normally used for illumination of residential and industrial buildings advertising a variety of buildings of heritage architecture and different columns.

Note the difference of this model from its counterparts occurring in the market first, it contains 20-30 LEDs. Second power supply floodlight integrated pulse which is secured with staples. Thirdly, the presented device can illuminate the object at the desired angle. Therefore, you cannot do without such a powerful spotlight when talking about external decorative lighting. LEDs have special properties which are of course indispensable in this case.

What else positive differences has this equipment be Sure to mention the long service life and also the fact that the spotlight model PRS-50 is easily installed at different heights and it certainly is convenient. But the main advantage actually lies in the fact that such a spotlight is the most powerful instance, among the led spotlights of the series of PRS.

In our modern times for street lighting houses advertising signs and billboards are increasingly using advanced technology based on LEDs.


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