Led lamp "MSK LED2710009-36"

15 november 2016, 00:04

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Led lamp brand GMT series LED operates on mains voltage of 36 volt and does not require maintenance during the service life designed to replace outdated incandescent bulbs with a power consumption of 100 W and the so-called energy-saving lamps in contrast to which do not contain mercury and other harmful substances therefore do not require special disposal and safe for health. Led lamp works stably in the temperature range of -30°With +50°C Due to the increased load in the electric system there are changes in surges resulting in many of the appliances become useless led bulbs MSK LED2710009-36 have a range of operating voltage 24÷60V AC so that in case of not stable voltage luminous characteristics lamps remain unchanged and the resource work more durable. Specified in table luminous flux is the resultant luminous flux of the lamp after the optical lens and not led

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