LED lamp LLL CO-L315-20W

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Co-l315 l315-20w is an effective and powerful lighting fixture. In the process of making high-tech lighting Co-l315 l315-20w applied special technology and aluminum alloy. Of heavy-duty glass running the enclosure. The device is small. The versatility practicality and safety are the main advantages of led bulbs Co-l315 l315-20w. She has a long operational life reliability color temperature ranges from 2800 to 7500 K. the installation of street and industrial lighting systems are successfully used economical quality lamp with led-l315 l315-20w.

LED lamp LLL CO-L316-40W
Power 40
Voltage 220V50-60Hz
Dimensions 103300

3 800 p.

LED lamp LLL CO-L315-30W
Power 30
Voltage 220V50-60Hz
Dimensions 103240

3 000 p.

LED lamp LLL CO-L315-20W
Power 20
Voltage 220V50-60Hz
Dimensions Φ103x200mm

2 500 p

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