Led industrial lamp Bell (High Bay)

18 december 2016, 02:05

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Checkout Checkout 50W 80W 80W 100W 100W 150W 150W 200W 200W Led industrial Bell lamps High Bay is designed to replace obsolete luminaires type of RSP led bulb DRL and the DRV of 150 watts to 500 watts. Led industrial Bell lamps or international designation of the High Bay are similar in shape and improved characteristics with respect to the lamps RSP which guarantees full replacement of obsolete analogues of the luminaires without changing the visual effect of the lamps and their technical characteristics. For example, a discharge lamp DRL 250 has a luminous flux of 13000 LM at a utilization rate of luminous flux of the lamp equal to 07 real luminous flux issued by the RSP lamp with lamp DRL 250 will be 9100 LM led lamp and the Bell 100 watts has a net output of luminous flux 9000 LM that is a direct replacement DRL 250 W and that important energy savings in two and a half times plus a reduction in installation costs for replacing burned-out lamps. -Degree of protection of led lamps Bell is not lower than IP44 and IP64 or IP65 more often. The tightness of the led provides the lens which also and carries out focusing of the luminous flux of the lamp. -Led industrial lamps Bell designed for use in warehouses hangars industrial buildings retail space with high ceilings in rooms with high dust content and moisture can be used as design solutions in currently fashionable areas such as the loft, the loft studios. -The luminaires bell are supplied flat Packed separately, the lamp and a separate skirt lamp to reduce overall dimensions during transport. -Mount led industrial lamp Bell is hanging on a hook or rope. -As an example, the optimum height of the suspension led Bells is 5-15 meters, depending on its power. A live example of led dome lamp 200 W © 18w-shop.ru 2014 All rights

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