Led bulb for crystal chandeliers. The study

27 november 2016, 15:57

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19092014 125629 A beautiful light flowing around Not warm but not burning. Diva was given here Ivan. What -- he said -- for Satan Caps with five there the light And the heat and smoke no Eco miracle light In a situation where electricity costs are already noticeable in the family budget and the rates continue to grow forced to think about the economy. Certainly up to Western standards when the whole family adopts one bathroom in turn and include heating only when the coffee freezes in the Cup we are still far. But judging by dynamics of the prices for kilowatts and a cubic meter of movement in this direction still have to start. Your path to energy efficiency class And I like many others started with lighting. There is nothing easier to replace a bulb on energosberegenie compact fluorescent lamp also known as CFL. Now on the market represented a wide range of such lamps is more or less decent quality at reasonable prices. And where possible I boiled instead of ordinary light bulbs energy saving. However, crystal chandeliers from the Czech glass is kept to the last... Expensive crystal chandelier with CFL screwed into it looks about the same as a Mercedes S-Klasse Executive level with a trailer loaded with sacks of potatoes. And in other words ridiculous. About appearance I will not say anything. Let me just say that the ambient light which gives the CFL does not allow the crystal to play as he plays with incandescent lamps. And it's not even in the notorious rendering index Ra or color temperature K. For the most part the fact that the tungsten filament of the incandescent lamp is as it were a point source of radiation while the CFL phosphor emits light the entire area of the glass spirals and tubes. One word crystal chandelier with CFL sad spectacle and uncomfortable. But let two chandeliers, each with 12 incandescent lamps of 40W hanging in my room consume... no joke... nearly a kilowatt is There an alternative to incandescent lamps in crystal chandeliers LEDs. In recent years in led lighting field there has been tremendous progress. Both in terms of light quality and in terms of price. While some led bulbs namely 15-2 times more luminous but have a number of important advantages. Most led lamps light up instantly not with a delay like CFL and go to full power immediately and not a minute later. And apparently the individual led bulbs are very similar to incandescent bulbs. You are no spirals and arcs. I decided to see how led bulbs will work in a crystal chandelier. Going in the evening to the nearest store I purchased several different led bulbs from 4 to 7 Watt with E14 base

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