Led autolamp W5W 1 LED OSRAM SMD

27 november 2016, 15:50

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Directory | About the company | Payment | Shipping The category tree Main gtАвтомобильные lamp gtАвтомобильные led bulb gtАвтомобильные lamp W5W gt Led autolamp W5W 1 LED OSRAM SMD Retail price 595.00 595.00 руб297.50 rubles The item is in stock in Moscow Product code 2601 I want to ask new TOP Led autolamp W5W 1 LED OSRAM SMD THE PRICE IS FOR ONE LAMP. Car light W5W. Led lamp designed for installation in lights lighting the state room or saloon car. In the case of the lamp mounted on the side of one led HP with capacity of 3 Watts. The total luminous flux is 250lm. Compared to ordinary filament lamp - led have higher brightness and will last You much longer. To replace conventional bulb to led you will not need additional equipment just paste in the spotlight instead of the usual led bulbs. Quality the ARF is an integral part of any car. Bright light is necessary for everyone motorists to be guided well in the dark. Gas-filled lamp DLED that you can buy in Moscow - a great choice for all indicators. If You decide to replace the Lama in the headlights of his car in front of You a great option. Lama DLED characterized by high quality and reliability which is very important for any purchase. Buying You can be sure that I made the right choice. Beautiful option unique tuning in Moscow will be the led tape DLed. With her using Your car will turn into a unique vehicle striking all surrounding the original lighting design. Our the online store offers a wide range of products of this class. Modern Avtosvet allows at night to see the road no worse than a day. Also please technology allows you to use bright lights and not blind oncoming drivers are just like that with validity lamp DLed that has replaced the conventional incandescent lamps in Moscow.Wide the company's product range implies DLed lamp is not only for head light and interior trunk gularity turn signals, etc. Entrance Check Shop 4AutoShop - All for your car. We deliver goods to any part of the country. Self free Reverse spaziali want to consult on any product we are ready to help you. Other news Other articles Other novelties Our stupave clubcontact c 2012 4AutoShop - modern online shop 4AvtoShop here you will find everything for your car.Address Moscow, Rossoshanskiy proezd d. 3, TTS

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