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      OOO Led Technology and Dankon offer combined convective heaters used for primary or supplementary heating of residential, public and administrative and residential buildings.
Heaters Teplofon iT Teplofon MT breeze.
Available in electric heaters, programmable electronic thermostat determines the room teperature with built-in temperature sensor and automatic switching on of the heater if the measured temperature is below a given user and turning off the heater if the measured temperature is equal to or greater than the predetermined user. Thus, by maintaining the desired temperature without wasting energy. Infrared heaters convective actions are mounted horizontally on the wall can be equipped with optional set of feet for outdoor usage, except for the breeze
Thermostat infrared heater iT has three main modes the duty manual for the program.
1. Standby mode on / off thermostat in which the device produces only a measurement of the ambient temperature and displays the current time.
2. Manual mode allows you to directly enter the desired temperature to automatically maintain it in the room.
3. Mode of operation the program allows you to set different temperatures for different time intervals daily and weekly cycles automatically to maintain the temperature in the heated premises in accordance with a user-defined program that allows the most economical use of electricity.

Heaters combined convection action Teplofon breeze

Heaters combined convection action Teplofon MT and iT the front side

Heaters combined convection action Teplofon iT with electronic thermostat

Heaters combined convection action Teplofon MT with manual thermostat

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