Industrial lamp 05 RSP ( RSP 125, 250 RSP, RSP 400) IP65 with GREAT Russia

18 december 2016, 02:09

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- industrial lighting industrial premises shop etc. - lighting of sports facilities halls, playgrounds, skating rinks, etc. - coverage of the elements of the transport infrastructure, terminals, warehouses, etc. Voltage 220 ± 10% Rated frequency Hz 50 Class dust and water protection IP 65 Electrical protection class I cos φ 0.85 Lamp RSP 05 consists of two main parts: the body BALLAST and diffuser. Body GREAT made from aluminum alloy by casting under high pressure and are painted black enamel. The reflector is made of aluminum sheet by drawing. Additional information Name Lamp type IP Cartridge Weight kg RSP 05-125-001 DRL IP 23 E27 49 RSP 05-125-002 DRL IP 65 E27 55 RSP 05-250-001 DRL IP 23 E40 65 RSP 05-250-002 DRL IP 65 E40 80 RSP 05-400-001 DRL IP 23 E40 73 RSP 05-400-002 DRL IP 65 E40

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