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30 april 2017, 21:16

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LED lamp LLL FL-G24-13W-01
Power 13 Watts
Voltage AC85-265V
Dimensions 35mm164mm

Retail price
700 p.

LED lamp LLL FL-G24-7W-01
Power 7 W
Voltage AC85-265V
Dimensions 40mm124mm

Retail price
500 p.

LED lamp LLL FL-G24-9W-01
Power 9 W
Voltage AC85-265V
Dimensions 35mm147mm

Retail price
550 R.

Led lamps with socket G24 of modern progress the effectiveness of the safety and reliability of lighting systems in buildings. Invariably leading position in the lighting market is a cheap LED lamp G24 successfully used as decorative interior lighting local emergency and General lighting in the interiors as well as in other areas.

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