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27 november 2016, 15:57

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Opinion updated at 14/12/14 Fitolamp is a portable source of light for supplementary lighting in greenhouses greenhouses aquariums and terrariums. Often fitolampy buy for house plants which is not enough light from the Windows. Take this opportunity to convey greetings to halocnemum looking at the light Two years ago, being a novice I did not bother and bought the Osram Fluor light bulb of 18 W which is positioned as a specialized fitolamp. Lamp sold in all building hypermarkets. You can find in specialized stores chandeliers and lamps. There is a long and powerful line of Fluor lamp if you need to illuminate a large area. With the lamp I bought the cheap plastic canopy and cord with plug. What is the difference fitolampy a Special lamp for plants is usually enhanced UV part of the spectrum. This means that in the spectrum is especially pronounced blue and red and green trimmed with yellow. See chart This spectrum promotes photosynthesis in plants. Blue light waves are needed for the plant so it is not stretched up and began to build a crown. Red waves mainly during flowering and fruit ripening. The combination of blue and red gives fitolamp morgantown characteristic pink color. I like many set the lamp on the shelf. Plants like a lot of positive feedback in the form of new leaves. Here is the plant in the fall in November and this plant in March after wintering under fluoros I want to once again underline fitolamp gives no fertilizers and has no magical powers to save dying plants is not light quartz treatment . She compensates for the lack of sunlight. For illumination of plants you can use an ordinary white fluorescent lamp with a color temperature of 40005500 Kelvin indicated on the packaging of the lamp. 43004500 To this morning diffused sunlight 5500 To the bright midday sun. According to my observations in stores, you can find a fluorescent lamp tube 4100 K cool white. I bought this lamp and placed on another rack. Significant differences from Fluor did not notice especially after my fitolamp much burned out after two years of use. Under the white bulb of the plant are drawn up slightly less bloom. But fitolamp not cheap. You can use a normal fluorescent light for supplementary lighting Mature plants. But the seedlings and the kiddies are better off under bicolanos. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ask questions in the comments, maybe I can help. Only I'm not an electrician I can tell only the most clumsy way of mounting lights on the rack MerryDancer recommends Fluorescent OSRAM fitolamp

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