Flashlight for the photographer. Diode light for photography. Lux RC FL33 flashlight Lab

15 november 2016, 00:05

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To order photography +7-905-602-6622 rkakotkingmail.com Don't even know where to start. Agree, this is seldom the thing for two years in active use and you are still overwhelmed with emotions as if you just came out of the store carrying the coveted box. Perhaps best to start with a rough schema of the article The idea is to try to use led lights for lighting in photography came to me long before boom, and the triumph of the diode light that covered photoindustrie now. Videoswet began to enter into fashion but I wanted a compact solution. Later, there were products such as RetLight and other. I must say that for me, all the rest of the lights is not the product and the quality of light define not only the brand but the diode and processor. And last but not least in size. In General, consider me a fan of Lux RC FL33. But a fan I became, not because of religious commitment Marche as it happens with the owners of Apple. Here are the result of a sober analysis of long practice and painful ordeal in the selection. However, to the story. My first led flashlight was a custom I commissioned it from a very reputable wizard Fonariki. To find the artist I'm almost 2 weeks was sitting on the forum trying to figure out what lights may fit my needs. The requirements are clear wide beam of light with soft transitions neutral color temperature closer to the warmer range and without spurious tones powerful light output Among ready-made solutions at that time nothing was found. The lantern did two months it cost me something on the order of 200-300 dollars. Comparison of dimensions of the diode flashlights tactical, and custom to fotossesiya. Chinese Ultra Fire were finalized earlier in my order but its light characteristics gave him a purely tactical flashlight. And here is the resulting custom lamp on the right in the photo quite meet my objectives. Here is the e-mail the manufacturer if you are interested to talk with him dscheremetyandex.ru the Master name is Alex nice and competent person. Here is a comparison of the received light with a tactical light. Comparison of the luminous flux of led lights. But for example, lighting items. To the left is an example of a tactical long-range lighting flashlight right custom light for photo lighting. Here's another example of shooting with led flashlight. Example of working led lantern in wedding photography. This story began almost five years ago. I did a lot of images using this tool. But once on the shooting calendar for the Audi it was forgotten by me in the showroom. The staff strongly denied. In General, the lantern was gone and I needed a replacement. I began again to read the forums and it became obvious that the best lights makes Russia Sergey Dolgov and his laboratory Lux RC Lab

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