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Selling led lights for plants

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Installation of street lighting
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Electrician services
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Small LEDs are the only decent-to-date alternative to traditional methods of lighting such as halogen lamp and incandescent lamp. Power supply for led lamps is designed to stabilize current and allows for fast and smooth operation of the light source as well as its compatibility with other devices regulating the brightness and change colors.

Manufacturer of led screens and other devices based on diodes is today an extremely popular service. Led bulbs for spotlights is available in the company LONG LIFE LIGHT on extremely favorable terms. Any spotlight led our production completely offsets the financial cost of its purchase and installation within six months.

Whether it's a spotlight on led or outdoor LED lighting all of our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety and guarantees tens of years of trouble free and efficient operation. Such lighting has broad application in the lighting of various objects whether architecture or landscape residential commercial office or industrial premises.

Lamps with led lamps are manufactured in accordance with the most modern technology. Led strips and lamps are available in LONG LIFE LIGHT in a really wide range which consists of several thousand different models with flawless performance. In the catalog of our store presents lights of different types and it is wall and ceiling and recessed lighting.

Led street lights are the most popular products. Led bulb for street lamps can be used in all weather conditions making them the perfect solution to the problem of illumination of Park and garden areas of the sidewalks and roadways of streets in suburban areas and industrial zones. This is the most economical from the point of view of power consumption, the kind of lighting which allows you to reduce the electricity expenses by up to 70% compared to other methods of illumination.

Led lamp manufacturers release devices with power from 12 to 220 with different color temperature. The led manufacturing involves the production of environmentally safe and durable lighting service life of which is several decades. Such equipment has many obvious advantages among which

Production of lamps in Moscow is the main specialization of the company LONG LIFE LIGHT. However, in addition to the production of street lamps and other lighting diode we provide services in performing a wide range of electrical work. This involves the laying of electrical networks and installation of lighting equipment. We employ only qualified specialists with great experience in this field who are able to perform tasks of any complexity and scope from design of power supply before putting the mains in service.

You can order the following types of work

All types of these works are carried out on the basis of certificate SRO. At each stage there is strict quality control with regard to the existing standards and recommendations of standard ISO 9001-2001. It correctly set the power supply to the object is the key to stable and efficient operation of any electrical equipment.

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