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Large selection of led lamps of different power bases at affordable prices with delivery across Russia.

A General catalogue of all led luminaires are presented in the online shop of Long Life Light which represent a completely new technical generation of lighting equipment...

Led tube light is the actual lighting devices used in domestic and industrial conditions as well as on the street. This type of lighting equipment due to the functioning light...

It is difficult to find someone today who does not know what is led floodlights. The use of led lighting is constantly expanding. So its efficiency and profitability put it...

Led strip light is new economical light source. Its design is made on the basis of flexible printed circuit boards. Along the entire length of the led strip are evenly distributed LEDs. Width d...

Sale of goods from this page is WHOLESALE only

Power supply LEDs stable constant output current LED driver designed to power LEDs.

Car led light 12 volt with their small power are able to create a decent level of lighting and energy costs will be comparable to the smallest incandescent light bulb. Uh...

Led lights are used in the spectacular design of trees of streets squares, facades of many buildings and sometimes for advertising purposes.

Led tree Lights Led Tree is a structure in the form of a tree consisting of metal and plastic. The colors on the leaves uses energy-efficient LEDs. We offer to the customers led ceiling lamp with LON...

Led line is a printed Board on which are arranged the LEDs. Led-line LED is able to withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius. One inch is...

Outdoor led screens allow to contrast the bright and accurate images with the highest color palette, even with very Sunny weather and great light give...

Powerful LEDs for cars and many other objects at the moment are in extremely high demand. The term LED or light-emitting diode is translated as the led. LED lamps are newest generation of lighting and makes a great alternative to halogen lighting.

12-volt LEDs are the most common choice for replacing old lamps. Selling high power led is at the most attractive prices in store, LONG LIFE LIGHT. In our catalogue available for ordering a variety of bulbs with diodes of different capacities so that you can easily pick up suitable for specific conditions model.

We offer color rgb LEDs in a wide range. If you are looking for where to buy LEDs should give preference to the cheapest proposals because you'll spend more money to replace defective equipment. Here you will find the models for the lighting of interiors, street lamps for architectural and landscape lighting. OLEDs to buy means to acquire a source of soft gentle light that efficiently uses energy. Laser led to buy you can always it in our store. Modern light sources not only save electricity costs but also open new opportunities for implementation of original design projects.

SMD LEDs are available for purchase from the manufacturer LLL for use in a variety of areas including as indoor lighting, street lamps and advertising lights and spotlights automotive signal lights.

Led strip light 12 volt typically used as the backlight of the car.

Buy high power LEDs today you will be able of different glow red yellow orange blue green and of course white. Powerful bright LEDs are gradually wiping out the halogen lights and incandescent bulbs. They are successfully used in lighting technology for vehicles, road signs illuminated signs architectural and landscape lighting and many other areas.

Shop led LONG LIFE LIGHT is the most convenient and best solution to the problem of purchase of led lighting sources.

Buy 12 volt LEDs to replace halogen light sources, you can always it in our store. SuperBright led lights and lamps can serve as the most effective replacement for low voltage reflector incandescent lamps. Considering the voltage is very low due to which working with lighting systems offer increased safety i.e. not able to hit by electric shock or cause a fire.
Super bright small led to buy in our directory you will be able to the most common bases among which E14 GU5.3 and GU10. Led bulbs 12 volt for which the price is set quite reasonable used in 220V complete with special drivers which are responsible for the balance of the difference current. Powerful led strips with power supplies have additional protection from damage as a result of exceeding the permissible limits passing through the semiconductor crystals current.

The price of high-brightness LEDs fully kompensiruet due to consumption of a device is much less energy compared to traditional bulbs. Powerful LEDs 12 volt price which is quite reasonable possess softness optimum contrast and high color rendering index. In addition, they have an extremely long service life.

Led bulbs 12 volt buy today is possible in different color variations. Often from three different bulbs such as red blue and green collect special RGB module which is by mixing radiations capable of producing luminous flux of any color.

Shop led bulbs and other products LONG LIFE LIGHT offering LEDs at a low price. SuperBright LEDs of course will cost you a few more of the usual halogen lamps however their cost is justified by the significant advantages of their use. Such lighting is so topical in our days as the advantage of low power consumption. LEDs for outdoor advertising such as pay for the cost of their purchase within six months.

SuperBright diodes to buy means to purchase a reliable device with increased strength. Incandescent bulbs can easily burn out due to various vibrations and shocks and gauges gas medium composition is not resistant to low temperatures and can fail. The semiconductor light sources are more resistant to mechanical stress and temperature extremes.

Where to buy high power LEDs 12w Super bright led bulb, you should not choose based only on the criteria of cost. Cheap diodes and high brightness can be poorly executed and you only throw money to the wind. Pay attention primarily on the quality and characteristics of products do not purchase counterfeit as a simple forgery does not guarantee high-tech properties.

High-brightness LEDs for lamps and other lighting equipment are implemented in the store, LONG LIFE LIGHT at competitive prices, which are optimally matched to the impeccable product quality. Relatively inexpensive led's from a trusted manufacturer will be key to the comfortable lighting smooth and durable operation.

In the store, LONG LIFE LIGHT, you can choose the led products for any purpose, even for the most challenging and original design projects. Powerful UV LEDs are presented in Moscow the widest range of goods in our catalog. Here you will find the high-power led lamps of the latest generation which are 10 times longer than conventional bulbs do not emit ultraviolet light is not afraid of low temperatures and mechanical damage. Economical power high power LEDs can significantly reduce electricity costs so their cost always pays off in the shortest possible time.

Be it led bulb DC or driver high-power led with us you will find the most modern and popular products to create the perfect lighting. We have presented and LED floodlight and led advertising screens and sports displays. In our store to purchase a torch spotlight or ceiling lights led office you can always very easy convenient and fast. We offer the widest selection of led manufacturing over 50,000 units per month. Each section of the catalog explains in detail the appointment of a particular model helps to Orient in technical characteristics and price of the products.

As the industrial lamps led wall and other models of this type of lighting all products sold by LONG LIFE LIGHT wholesale and retail delivery throughout Russia. If you have any questions or difficulties with the selection of products you can contact our Manager who will professionally advise you and help with choice of equipment.

If you are looking for where to buy LEDs in Moscow, please contact our company We offer to buy heavy duty led's which are more economical than fluorescent lamps 2-3 times and the incandescent lamps 8 and more times. With this item the high cost of the devices ceases to be a serious problem during the purchase. Bright LEDs to buy the suggested wholesale or retail price for wholesale customers is announced by the Manager on the phone. If you need assistance in selecting our consultants will answer all of your questions will help to understand the technical characteristics and make a purchase.

If you need led street lamps wall, you can be sure that our lighting is ideal for use in all weather conditions. The cost of the led lamp of any model and assignment is absolutely justified, with many serious advantages such as

As manufacturers of a variety of led lighting industrial lighting fixtures, we know not only the outer side of our products but also the toppings. We suggest you to choose the item relating your wishes to the final destination of the purchased goods and technical specifications such as capacity dimensions. In case of difficulties, our Manager is ready to explain the technical language to talk about functions more to help you choose the right product.

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