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30 april 2017, 21:15

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Led floodlight 50 W economy

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Long Life Light exists since 2009 and during this time committed not a few projects with our company.
Among our customers and partners, government organizations, banks trading companies transport companies including airport Domodedovo managing subjects of sphere of housing and communal services including private HOA private enterprise.

Enterprise manufacturing company 3L is located in Shenzhen city of China. The production capacity is more than 50,000 pieces of products monthly. In 2011, production company 3L has passed international certification according to ISO 9001. Effective work system of the departments of technical control allows to eliminate defects in products.

3L production company offers production of OEM-agreements under the brand name of the customer at the production facilities of the company including under the additional requirements of the customers. Possible labelling and certification of products packaging descriptions, warranty cards and instruction manuals for transportation storage, installation and operation of products in production.

LONG LIFE LIGHT Long Life Light is the official manufacturer of led products.

Key benefits of our led products

Led lamp built into semiconductor devices - LEDs. As soon as passes through them the current they emit a light wave in the visible spectrum. Led lamps are now used in many lighting fixtures in the fixtures, for example.

Production of led lamps has become a part of the world of lighting for a long time. Initially very expensive, they go down in price every day. Their efficiency in comparison with conventional lamps is ten times higher because

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