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Led flexible strip 5050-SMD

OOO Led Technology Ekaterinburg offers a wide range of flexible led strip for indoor and outdoor use. Easy installation on back side of led strip applied mounting tape. Led strip is supplied in coils of 5 m. with the possibility of cutting 10 inches of cut line marked. Due to the compactness and flexibility without heating to +30°C led strips allow for highlighting of small objects can be mounted in small niches and closed design. In most cases, the flexible led strip is a circuit Board with LEDs. All flexible led strips have an adhesive base on the back side which facilitates their attachment to the surface. The number of LEDs can vary from 150 to 1200 for 5 meters flexible led strip and depends on the particular product. Note that all presented in the assortment of led strip are high quality reliability and durability of operation as well as the affordable price.
Led bars and strips is a very convenient and frequently used type of lighting. Thanks to its compact dimensions it can be installed in a large number of designs that highlight previously was not possible. Rulers & tape is easily mounted and fixed on the surface of the tape adhesive clip. The advantages of LEDs saving energy high efficiency reliability long lifespan, pure color high brightness easy installation no radiation harmful to health. Due to the low voltage power line safe to use. The use of led rulers and tapes in the light is significantly reduces the weight of the structure to increase product safety and minimize maintenance costs advertising objects. Rulers and tape can replace the traditional light sources like lamps neon rope light in various lighting projects. LED-stripes can be used in the manufacture of channel letters signage backlight for edge design Windows all frosted and transparent surfaces, etc. Connecting to the led bar or the ribbon controller you can specify any modes glow flashing of the traveling wave is gradually switched on and off, etc. allowing you to realize the most bright and original ideas full of lights in advertising. Also led bars and ribbon widespread for decorative and artistic lighting design interior lighting contour niches furniture stairs flooring glass window sills aquariums of various architectural elements, etc. SMD surface mounted device LEDs - the LEDs are manufactured on modern technology designed for mounting on the surface of the printed circuit Board and not into the holes. Have high reliability and long service life. Multichip LEDs in a single housing placed several crystals which provides several times greater light output with the same footprint. Can be monochrome or full color RGB latest generate any shade of illumination including white as a result of mixing three colors.

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